This is the Character Template

  • Top right corner, click in the contribute button.
  • Click on the Create a Page link.
  • Copy and Paste this template into the page and fill it out and publish it.
  • Once it has been published, please send a mail to Syriac with the web address in-game / via-wikia so I can put it on the site. 

Full Name: (Including Rank)




Aspect: (Even if you are not a Demon Hunter yet, *meaning you have not either been given the rank Demon Hunter or above in-game, or do not have the Eyeband of sargeras item* please put whichever aspect you wish to use.)


(This includes habits, fears, goals, qoutes, everything.)

History: (If you want to make a Demon Hunter specific history, please refer to the history on the main page. If you wish to make a guild specific history, please refer it to syriac with the details.)