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Dendiiran in the fiery depths of Hellfire

Full Name: Dendiiran Lunarion, The Rageborn

Age: Young adult

Height: Average to a night elf

Weight: Very bulky, heavy and strong

Aspect: Metal


Dislikes: Alchemy, alchemists, idiots, weaklings, people trying to make him 'better his ways'.

Likes: Weapons of all types, blacksmiths, hard workers, killing anything that stands in his way.

General things anyone could easily see:

Itimidating, his armor shows how strong he is, the armor being really heavy and he walks around like if it was general clothing,

Hot headed, though he can't be enraged by insults, he can be easily annoyed by them and would probably want to punch some faces.

Humble, though he knows full well how strong he is, he is a strategist of war when not enraged, he wouldn't take anyone as weak just by looking at them, he would take everyone seriously before they fight. Unless they are acting like idiots.

Quotes: "Rage is my weapon, the axes are just for show." "I suggest running before I get mad." 

"Maggots! The bunch of you!"

"My love is vengence, but it's never free." 


Dendiiran as a child, always wanted to be a guardian. He always plays with a wooden sword and sheild, walking back and forth, talking to sentinels infront of the Moon shrine in Darnassus.

During this time, his father and a group of alchemists, were searching for the perfect soldier, the ones that would never be defeated even if an army stand in his way. They tried everything from agility, to strength, none of the effects seem to last long, they decided to go with emotional potions, starting with rage, but they ran out of patients to experiment with, in conclusion, the father took Dendiiran and made him the patient. The experiment was a complete success, the problem, was that Dendiiran couldn't handle his own blood boiling rage, his strength over powered the alchemists, his mother, father, and brother, killed by his hands. Years later, Dendiiran lost his memories, only to found out on what he done later. This made the warrior sadden, he decided to continue walking down his path of rage, mastering to controll, this gave him unique abilities of fire, causing absorb fire and change it into pure rage, and to increase his strength into monstrous effects, during this time, a rogue named Sera was ordered to inject Dendiiran with a sirum, as she done so, he became increasingly enraged, the rage stream beating in him was the catalyst for the affects, though the rogue escapes, he has gotten the power of  now many new warriors, however, this only caused him more emotional pain, for now he considers himself nothing more but a tool of war. This is the story of Dendiiran Lunarion, The Rageborn. His new adventure, begins.