Full Name: Lairani Nightclaw - Rank: Greystar

Age: 16 in human years.

Height: 6'1                                                                                                 

Lairani's Water Demon Hunter set. (Coming Soon!:D )

Weight: 110 pounds

Aspect: Water                                                          

Personality: Lairani is a very sweet teenage girl when it comes to a simple chat with her or getting to know her as a friend. However, when it comes to her soul duty as a Demon Hunter, she takes it VERY serious. Her major goal in life is to make her dececed father proud and get revenge on the demons that killed him. Lairani typically does not have very many fears, some may develop as time goes on.

History: (This is a history behind how Lairani became one of this guild.) Back in Aldrassil, Lairani was training a few new skills on some wooden training dummies. A rather tall man dressed n full Demon Hunter atire approaches her examining her skills carefully. He noticed her full potential and wanted to see it unfold as time went on. Lairani was then asked by the man if she would be interested in the Demon Hunter path. After quick thought of her father, she decided to give it a shot. She soon became very good friends with this man (Syriac) along with a very nice worgen named Rera. After a few training sessions and talks with Syriac, she was now a member of Halidom.